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Online Exam Guidelines:
  • Welcome to the Online Exam Guidelines. The guidelines aim to provide you the information about the online exam system.

  • During the paper, you can review/change your answers any number of times. The interface is designed to help you identify the questions you have already attempted and the ones you are yet to.

  • Your examination window would show a countdown timer. You are supposed to complete answering your paper within the given time, beyond which your login session would expire. This test paper at the moment shows a mock timer, to help you estimate the total time you have taken to attempt this paper.

  •  Once you click on Proceed button, you login screen will appear on the new window. If your login screen doesn’t come up then disable the pop up blocker on your browser, and click Proceed button.

  • Do not press Back Space button or keyboard during examinations.

  • Do not close the browser while test is on.
  • You can exit the exam anytime by clicking 'FINISH' button. If by accident you click the FINISH button, the system will prompt you and double check if you want to exit. If you confirm the FINISH action by clicking OK, the exam answers are submitted and the exam is deemed to be over.

  • The Time allotted for the exam will be shown on the screen as 'TIME LEFT' to complete the exam. You will be automatically stopped from answering questions when the time allotted (1 hour) is over. The timer will start as soon as you click the "START EXAM" button. Sample paper would only have a mock clock.

  • While taking the online examination you can navigate between Questions by using the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons.

  • For any kind of technical assistance please call us at 9414070678, 9462944508

  • The copyright of the exam paper and whole online examination system belongs to ARCH Edutech Pvt Ltd.
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