Admission Information:

Choosing your design programme is a decision that will affect your future in a big way. It's important that you make the right decision and ask the right questions when you get in touch with your future college.

Is it a complete degree? Is it approved by the University Grants Commission of India? How many graduates are employed, and what kind of companies hire them? Can I go abroad? ETC..

Some answers. If you're looking to start off a stable and amazing design career, ARCH is your place. With an extensive range of courses, and the best education through industry links, ARCH is guaranteed to help you find your own place in the world of design with the support of diverse faculty, uniquely modern and traditional resources, and pathways for international exposure.

Here's how to start a life of design at ARCH. We'll make sure you are nurtured with the very best that gives YOU the VERY BEST chance to SUCCEED.


ARCH College of Design & Business performs AIEED screenings for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Design courses. It was launched in the year 2010 and since then ARCH conducts it every year as a screening process to select the most qualified students for the various courses at the college & 2011 saw the conversion of AIEED into an online screening, and was made easily accessible for interested students to take from anywhere in the world. It has interactive components and a random selection of questions from specially formulated question banks at its periphery. This interesting online Screening is designed to facilitate ease of use for students, and help assess abilities and the attitude to support aspirations for careers in Design.


As a bold and innovative step, in the Screening for Design 2022, ARCH is going to test you aspirants in known areas of life, to gauge your attitude and approach. As a result, you will increase your knowledge and learn more about yourself, giving you the most authentic and genuine opportunity to show your authentic self beyond the superficiality of a few skills that are taught and practised. In the process of doing it, it will ENABLE YOU to give us a COMPLETE INTRODUCTION TO YOURSELF and allow us to GAUGE YOUR INHERENT STRENGTH of purpose and aspirations.
The intention of this program is to gather and teach potentially introspective and aware individuals with the right attitude and spirit to pursue Design as a responsible career.
Our main interest is in HOW you think. In your Perceptions, Attitude and Approach towards the world that surrounds you.

The Screening will be EXPERIENTIAL, USEFULLY EDUCATIONAL, and FUN, with a minimal number of typical questions - answers. (And your drawing and painting skills are not the only thing we want!)

In short, the complete process of the Entrance Screening for Design Studies is aimed at examining -

ATTITUDE – Perseverance, Openness to learning, Initiative, Interest, Curiosity

COMPREHENSION & ARTICULATION skills - Visual, Verbal, Conceptual, Interpersonal Transactional - shown while doing Creative Task, addressing Creative Concepts, and expressing Points of View, Opinions (via Speech, Writing, Drawing, Video Record of Process)

APTITUDE - Ability to Plan, Research, & to Organise time, Sensitivity to needs, Unusual Awareness of Environment, Awareness of Design, Associative Ability, Analytical Ability, Lateral Thinking Ability, Idea Generation ability

The Expressive, Initiative driven, CREATIVE and complete you !  Remember - the only answer that matters is YOUR OWN, and that will also convince others IF you BELIEVE in yourself, and YOUR CAPACITY to THINK and DO!

Admission Information

00 Registration
01 PED + PoA + SoP
02 Counselling for Design Studies
03 Result Declaration

Applying to ARCH is a 1-2-3-4 steps experience.
Step 1. Simply fill the request form and we will contact you.
Step 2. Fill the online application form, choose your preferred Online Screening date
Step 3. Complete your AIEED Screening Process after which Admission results will be declared.
Step 4. On successful selection for admission, you are required to complete the formalities to ensure the booking of a seat, if available, on the preferred Design course.

Eligibility Criteria:

Undergraduate (UG) Level Courses
Students who have Appeared for/ or Cleared Class 10+2 (CBSE/ICSE/IB/State Board/NIOS or equivalent as per UGC Guidelines) are eligible to participate in the AIEED Screening for Design Studies. Class 10+1 Students can also write AIEED 2022. Qualifying students will be eligible for direct admission in the academic year 2023 after clearing the interview and portfolio stage.

Postgraduate Level Courses
Graduates or students pursuing graduation in any discipline from a recognised university can apply for this course.

Experience ARCH for yourself

In these new times, we have started VIRTUAL Tours and Counselling Sessions to give you the opportunity to get a sense of what College life is like and to pick up a wide range of useful information. In these sessions we will cover details about the subject of your choice, introduce you to the College by taking you on a virtual walk through the campus. You can also book an Appointment to interact with the Subject Coordinator for One to One Counselling & to interact with present students and alumni.

Book an Appointment

Important Dates:

Application Forms Available 15 Nov. 2021
Online SCREENING Dates 5 to 15 January 2022
Batch Starts June 2022

How to make payment for online Application Form:

The Application Form fee is INR 3000/- only, which can be paid by choosing any of the following options- 1. Debit/Credit Card; 2. Use our Online Payment Gateway if you wish to make Online payment.


Scholarships will be given to students on the basis of the following criteria:
(Only one of the following would be applicable)
Cumulative Result from the 2 stages of AIEED Screening;
Performance in past qualification;
A Principals Recommendation;
Income of the family;
Ward of a single mother;
Ward of Servicemen;
Ward of Craftsmen or artisan etc.;
One Girl Child Scholarship;
Domicile scholarships for Rajasthan Students;
The scholarships will be awarded on first come first served basis and would be valid for a certain time-period. Once all the scholarships are claimed, further students would not be considered for the same, even if they fulfil any of the requirements.

Bank Loans

All leading Banks and Financial services companies provide education loans based on the credentials of the parents of students, which includes their Income and credit history. Student will be provided a supporting letter from the institution confirming their admission to the course. This may be required to be submitted to the financial institution from which they wish to receive the loan.

Please note that ARCH College of Design and Business does not provide loan facility and can only provide supporting letter to help students secure education loans.

Request information:

For any inquiries please contact us through the form below.

Inquiry Form

For any query or confusion, students are free to contact the admission department from Monday to Saturday (10 am to 5 pm) on:

Call or WhatsApp: 09414070678/ 09351337770

Email Address: admission@archedu.org

Mailing address:
Arch College of Design & Business
Admission Office
Plot No. 9, Govind Marg,
Malviya Nagar Institutional Area,
Malviya Nagar, Jaipur-302017

Pdfs for Downloads

Student Life Guide


The provisions of the scholarship guidelines can be changed by the management of the ARCH Educational Society without any advance notice and shall be notified on the website

www.archedu.org & www.aieed.com. For any representation/ clarification/ dispute, the decision of the Management of ARCH shall be final and binding.

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